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@ Saturday, March 05, 2011

I shouldn't even said that: Put to sleep.
Else she wouldn't even be here with me for the next few days, weeks or even months.

Thank you to those who put in efforts, care and concern for her.
I just can't stop thanking everyone who helped me out.
And that makes me believe that there's quite a number of kind hearted souls out there, which I almost lost faith in.

I never expect this day to come to help her this far.
It just kind of amazing when I put those pieces of puzzles together and create a beautiful picture.
You will never thought how I'm able to meet those people just this week.

Thank you Ian, Cody, Steven, Coco (that's another Coco), Christine, and another Christine, William, and another William, and everyone else. I'm just too lethargic to even think of all names but that doesn't mean I'm not appreciative!

Yep, to everyone else, thank you.

Never thought when will my prayers be answered.
Problems do solve problems. And I've found many answers among my problems.
Let go many things, and take in whatever I can right now.

It seriously feel so good, god damn good to be alive.
Everyday is a gift.
Every breath I take is a blessing.
And I'm gonna take up more challenges. :>

Once again, thank you.

And to my Coco, thank you for hanging on.
If isn't you, I'll never realise many things in life.

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