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@ Sunday, March 06, 2011

OCBC Cycles 2011 Nissan 40km Challenge was great.

During the race, I just thought of something:

We all push ourselves for someone else. Be it yourself, a person, a thing or an animal.

And I did it for my dog. All I have is her in my mind throughout.

Only slept 2 hours for this event, no breakfast - sorta.
We were quite late. Mount on bikes, and my friend forgotten to bring his sunglasses out. Drove him to pick it up.

We tried out luck if MBS area is open for Wilson parking. Ended up the road closure was quite massive around that area. Drove quite a big round back to MSQ and I almost missed the carpark entrance! Else I have to waste another 10 minutes of turning to get back there again. Waited for no traffic and reverse my car on the road to get in there. HAHA.

Get all geared up, and ride out to the nearest 7-11.

Grab a bun, and there's only 2 bananas on the counter: One is half rotten, one is opened.

I took the half rotten one and ate part of it and share the other half with my friend.
Same goes to the bun... BUT...... I dropped it halfway along the way when we are on the way to F1 Pit. SHIT. There goes my breakkie and my energy boosters : (

We reached there and it's almost the start of the race. Chop chop and off we go.

Manage to get it completed within 2 hours.

God knows why there's mud in my index finger nails. :O

Bought 4D for Saturday and it came out 2364 for 3rd prize. : (

I look fit in this picture. Can't stop admiring it. Hahahahaha.
Even my sis and mom said so when I get home with sporty outfit.
Guess I really look better in sports wear. :$

FINALLY. Breakfast after race.

Back home by KPE and I almost doze off in the tunnel while driving...
Thank god my favourite song was playing on the radio at that instant and I blast it out loud.

.... Then...... slept my whole Sunday away.

OCBC Cycles 2012, I gonna be there again before the world ends.

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