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THE DAY YOU WENT TO HEAVEN. @ Friday, March 11, 2011

I have a short story to tell, on the day, March 10th 2011.
And it's gonna be the best memory of my life.
A gift from my best friend, Coco.
She stood by me for 15 years and now she's gonna be my guardian angel, forever.

"You will be remembered. It's not just a memory but a beautiful life story."

R.I.P Coco (May 1996 ~ March 2011)

Loading you up to the vehicle.

"I'm here, always here, even when you left me."

Requested the man if I can hop in his van to go along. He's fine with it after packing some stuff infront of the seat. It's just a moment of silence between us.

Setting up the vehicle before cremate.

"Don't worry. I will be here watching you."

Some ulu malu place to do the cremation at Pasir Ris Farmway.

Setting up - Foam + White cloth.

"My prayers are always be with you."

Good bye, my friend. ♥

Long and lonely way out on a rainy day. Driver was really kind that he gave me an umbrella.

I was hoping for someone who can stop and ask "Do you need a ride?"


A van stopped and asked me if I need a ride out to the main road. I just desperately said yes before I even think if he's a good man or not. Someone is listening to my thoughts! And really can't stop smiling when I hopped into the vehicle. I was really speechless. Just can't stop sharing my joy.

The man asked if I was there to buy some stuff. I said "No, my pet died and I just went to view the cremation." And there's a silence. After that he asked me where I'm going.. I said just going to the MRT. He told me he's going to deliver goods to Geylang & Lavander area. I said I'm going to Cityhall. He said "Good! Why not I drive you near that area and you take a train down?"

Major speechless. It's a blessing! And he drove me to Aljunied and wave at me goodbye without needing anything in return! To that kind soul, thanks a bunch. :>

And I received news that Coco is back home safely in this beautiful urn.
May you rest in peace, my friend.

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