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@ Monday, May 23, 2011

Pre Birthday Celebration with all my lovelies.
A staycation at MBS, all thanks to Spoon.

Not forgetting Yvonne (who is working+taking photo of us), my sis + kimi (swimming) and Riki (in his stroller - off the photo).
My dearest, someone who I can truly count on.
And two other lovelies ;)

Best birthday ever, watched sunrise at the peak of Mount Kinabalu.
It was tough, way more than what I've expected.
Which all reviews mentioned are true.. Tedious but achievable.
At least I've conquered one - with whole load of drama while descending - but it's all worth and wonderful (plus funny) experience in my whole lifetime.

Mount Bromo shall be the next. At least... something much easier. ;)
For everything else who wish to join me too.

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