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@ Monday, April 01, 2013

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It's managed by me and my Sis. My sis got this idea and I supported it. 

Frankly speaking, I don't really like kids. Plus, not being a mother myself is already a challenging thing to do. Plus my circle of friends aren't to that stage yet. Well, maybe ALMOST. (Yes, you will think 'OF ALL THINGS, WHY KIDS STUFF?' Well, sometimes there isn't really an answer to it.)

My sis has 2 children and the eldest is already 5 this year. Time seriously flies. 

I started out as a kid-hater. Yes, I seriously have the thought why are they so annoying. And I don't understand why I don't like them either. Maybe because I'm the youngest in my family and I have lack of interaction with younger children. I'm the youngest in my family tree, other than my nieces and nephews but they are quite off the chart to be close with. 

I'm was born in a slightly above average wealthy background (but not now of course) and thus the lack of touch with friends and the lack of close bonding with neighbours. I think probably that's the case to some of my friends I know who have similar background and don't really like children. I guess it's how we are raised and what kind of environment we are put in that shape our likings. 

When my sis first break the news to me that she was pregnant 5 years ago, it was weird. I never expect such moment to happen (although it HAS to happen one day). I never handle a baby before. When Kimi (her first kid) was born, I was forced to take care of her as I'm the closest among anyone else. It was tough to raise a kid. On how to feed them, how to put them to sleep, how to hush them to stop crying, and how to understand what they need when they can't talk. It's all about the spiritual understanding, the invisible connection between you and the kid. (That's how mothers understand a child wants and needs when someone else outside of the family can't understand certain words and gestures). 

During the past years I took care of both of my niece and nephew, I have learnt many things. Both have its own difficulty as boys and girls are different. Well, in a way, people may think it's the same because they are babies. But hell no. Every kid is different. You thought you have mastered on how to power knock out a kid for the first year and feel so proud of it. The moment when you do the same to another one, you felt like you have to start everything all over again. Every child has their own personality and character and you have to put your heart with them to understand deeper. 

I started to appreciate those little moments of laughters when I faced some difficulties in life. I used to hate them for being noisy, and dragging myself out of bed to babysit them even just for a minute. Those moments are dreadful and felt like hell when I really need extra winks for the day. Even all the complains, I still have to do it. Because it's the responsibility that one must take. 

I remember how much I wish they could just give me some peace when I really need most. But the moment when they left off that door and flew back to China, I seriously miss them so much. Even how much I do, I don't show to them. I wish they can come back and make silly jokes to make me laugh. Every single innocent thought from them is just priceless. 

As I could never imagine myself to say "Hey that baby is so cute!", "Look over there, nice eyes he has!" while I'm with my family or friends. And when I realise what came out from me makes me feel that I have changed. That hatred against them are slowly fading off, all thanks to the existence of Kimi and Riki. 

Probably I will still say "No way to kids" because I don't really want to settle down right at the moment. But I believe one day the status of motherhood will come to me eventhough I was so stubborn to choose to deny when I was younger. 

"A child existence makes a family complete." 

And that's how I can conclude whats the importance of a child.

Maybe somehow this path was given to me for a reason. Getting into something not familiar makes you learn more about it. Getting into something you hate makes you learn to love it. Although I'm not a good nanny or a good aunt, I certainly feel that those babysitting skills that I've learnt are seriously handy for my friends, or even for my future.  

And yep, I can now say I like kids. (Well, not love yet! - Tsk!)

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